Manufactured or Modular?

Manufactured Homes

Modular Homes

  • Homes are built entirely in a factory under the federal building code administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Homes are built and transported on a chassis in either single or multi-sections and installed at their final destinations according to the manufacturers guidelines by State Licensed Installers. 
  • Typically stay in one place but can be moved to new plots of private land or communities.
  • Foundations types include pier and beam, slab, crawl space, and basement.
  • Built in a factory to conform in block sections or modules and loaded onto truck beds and conform to the local and state building codes at their destinations
  • Sections or modules are unloaded and put into place using cranes assembled by State Licensed Installers or local contractors on location
  • Typically uses a traditional concrete foundation
  • Modular homes cannot be moved once built

Despite their differences, these home types do have several similarities!
  • First, both benefit from the inherent advantages of being built inside a factory protected from weather related damage and theft by highly trained builders using precise and consistent construction practices.  These factors result in a smoother process and contribute to saving time and make them a more affordable option compared to site-built homes.
  • Both manufactured homes and modular homes must conform to strict building codes that are constantly being updated and both go through rigorous inspections during the building process to enusre their safety.
  • Both manufactured and modular homes are customizable on many different levels
  • Either one can be built to be energy efficient using the latest ENERGY STAR rated materials and technologies.
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