Factory-built homes have built-in advantages.

Over the years, advances in construction processes and technology have improved home building. Houses no longer have to be built on site where contractor delays and exposure to weather are all too common. Now, it’s possible to build a safe, high-quality home in an environment-controlled factory. And families just like yours are buying factory-built homes and enjoying the many benefits.

Surprising Facts about Factory Built Housing:

Affordable, Safe, Customizable and Effiecient! And don't forget the Tax Benefits!

  • Factory Built homes benefit from the inherent advantages of being built inside a factory protected from theft and weather related damage by highly trained builders using precise and consistent construction practices.  These factors result in a smoother process and contribute to saving time and make them a more affordable option compared to site-built homes.
  • Factory built housing meets and in many cases exceeds strict government building standards, and both go through rigorous inspections during the building process to enusre their safety.
  • Factory Built homes are customizable on many different levels
  • Factory Built homes can be built to be energy efficient using the latest ENERGY STAR rated materials and technologies.
  • When you buy your own home, you receive a tax deduction on the interest of your loan that’s not available when you’re renting. In addition, you start building equity in your home the moment you walk through the door. Equity that can grow substantially in value the longer you own the home.