Website Tips

Within Website > Manage Custom Content there are open content areas and configurable areas that are custom to the LMHA design. A mapping of these areas and a description of how to manage them are below. 

Title Description (Can be Edited) Note
 Social Media  Social Media The social media icons won't be visible in the editor view as they are funneling from a website called Font Awesome. They can only be managed in the Source view (top left editor button) which contains the HTML. If you need help configuring the hyperlinks or deleting a social media icon please let us know. 
 Global Footer  Global Footer (address) Area to configure address located in website's global footer
 Spotlight 1  Spotlight 1 Area to configure the Membership icon, heading, and text
 Spotlight 2  Spotlight 2 Area to configure the Find a Home icon, heading, and text
 Spotlight 3  Spotlight 3 Area to configure the Quick Links icon, heading, and text
 Open Content 1  Open Content 1 Left open content area beneath "News Content" area
 Open Content 2  Open Content 2 Center open content area beneath "News Content" area
 Open Content 3  Open Content 3 Right open content area benaeth event widget and next to Open Content 1 and 2
 News Content  News Content Main content area on homepage, to the right of event widget
 Header Text  HTML Header Text Optional
 Subpage Left Content  Subpage Left Content Open content area that will globally appear on the left side of all pages of the website (except the homepage)
 Event Title  Event Title Open content area to configure event widget heading
 Main Page Title Tag  No Index Browser window title for website
 Main Page Meta Tag Keyword  NO INDEX Option SEO Area
 Main Page Meta Tag Description  NO INDEX Option SEO Area
 Main Page Meta Tag Http-Equiv  NO INDEX Option SEO Area
 Sponsor Title1  Sponsors Option SEO Area

Website Styles: These styles can be found in the "Format" dropdown within the Editor. 

Normal Text

Button Style

Hyperlink Style

Heading One

Heading Two

Heading Three

Heading Four

Heading Five
Heading Six