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Preparing the site.

While the home is being built offsite in the factory, the local builder is responsible for conducting the foundation work and site preparation for the modular home, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Modular home foundations are engineered block, poured concrete, or pre-cast concrete, and are inspected by local building inspectors to ensure they meet local codes, while the modular home itself is inspected at the assembly plant.

Transporting and installing a new home.

After the home is built, it’s then transported to the home site where installation occurs and the home is completed. Manufacturers rarely sell directly to the consumer, but instead work with an independent local builder or general contractor in the area.

Once the home arrives at the construction site, the modular home components are craned onto the permanent foundation that has been prepared, and are securely placed using proper construction methods. This is usually accomplished in less than a day.

The final steps in the process.

Once the components are set, the builder is then responsible for finishing any remaining items such as utility hook-ups, interior finish work, and anything else that needs to be completed before the move-in date. Prior to occupancy by the buyer, a final inspection is conducted to ensure once more the newly-installed home meets building standards.