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Quality craftsmanship.

Factory-built homes are professionally constructed in an air-conditioned, controlled environment. The materials are the same – from the 2×4 and 2×6 outer wall studs to the FHA-approved roofing shingles. Plus, your factory-built home meets – and in many cases exceeds – strict government building standards.

These tough standards also apply to a new type of factory-built home that’s available – the modular home. These homes are built in sections and are designed to meet both the federal and state government standards, as well as the even more stringent local parish building codes at the intended location.

Modular homes are much more energy-efficient, so your monthly expenses will be substantially less. They also are environmentally friendly. There are a great variety of homes from which to choose, and many architects specialize in designing modular homes. As with any home, modular homes can be expanded.