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About LMHA

Spreading the word about factory-built housing.

The Louisiana Manufactured Housing Association was formed in 1966 to preserve and promote the factory-built housing industry in the state of Louisiana. Our Association encourages factory-built home ownership by providing accurate information to both private and public interests. The LMHA’s mission is make factory-built housing Louisiana’s affordable choice to home buying.

With this in mind, manufactured and modular housing were a solid choice for Louisiana home buyers prior to the hurricanes of 2005. Literally employing thousands of people throughout our state and while generating an economic impact in the hundreds of millions of dollars each and every year. Now, given the aftermath of the hurricanes, factory-built housing will play a more important role in the rebuilding process. Thousands more will be employed and the economic impact will be hundreds of millions of dollars more. The bottom-line is factory-built housing will give Louisiana home buyers more choices and many more options for their families’ housing needs, with speed and factory controlled quality as added bonuses.

Doesn’t your family deserve some choices? Take a look at today’s factory-built housing before you make a decision!